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The Canola Story

Canola/Rapeseed is an essential crop in the rotation.

It has numerous benefits for the farmer, including its resistance to cereal diseases, its rooting structure and many others. It is well established as a commercial crop worldwide.

Agventure Ltd started processing canola in 2010, and in 2012 established a project with Unilever to grow canola for the New BlueBand project. Unilever’s interest focused on the possibilities for canola to be a great success story in terms of promoting agricultural sustainability, while boosting local supplies of raw materials in line with its Global Sustainable Sourcing objectives.

The stated objective for the field officers is to offer a holistic approach – supporting the farmer across all his crops rather than just on the focus crop. This is to build rapport and faith that the welfare of the farmer is the primary objective rather than taking a single crop approach which ultimately would not be successful.

At the end of the cycle the Center of Excellence for Crop Rotation has a market guarantee for farmers growing the crop. In future this may broaden to other crops as the rotation story grows to meet factory production goals.

What farmers are saying

Our Targets


broadacre farmers within the first 3 years


Improved hectarage of broadacre farmers under rotation crops


net income increase per farmer

Conservation Agriculture

The concept focuses on the following:

  • Elimination or reduction of ploughing exercises which disrupt the soils natural processes
  • Preservation of soil resulting in reduced erosion and better water conservation
  • Increased use of rotational crops to break the cycle of disease
  • A focus on promoting and boosting biological activity and diversity
  • More opportunistic farming – fewer fixed dates and more season-based cropping decisions

A key aspect of Conservation Agriculture is that rotational crops not only must be used; but that they must become part of the economic cycle for the farm. If performed correctly, Conservation Agriculture results in lower cost of production and better long term sustainability for the farming system.



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